How To Stop Calls on iPhone Without Blocking

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Are you getting unknown calls from spammers or someone you know on your iPhone, and you want to know how to stop their calls without blocking them?

iPhone has an interesting feature which is called the focus mode.

Focus mode contains the “Do Not Disturb” and Focus modes that you can use to silence unknown calls or your friends without blocking them.

Fortunately, you can allow your favorites to call you only.

Apple launched the Focus mode to give you the ability to reduce distraction by setting your notification, filtering your messages and calls.

So using the Focus mode will definitely help in terms of ignoring calls without blocking them.

3rd party apps might help you also to block spammers that are identified by a lot of people.

So today I will teach you how to stop calls on iPhones without blocking them. 

How To Stop Calls on iPhone Without Blocking Them

To stop calls on iPhone without blocking them, go to the settings on your iPhone, then open the Focus mode option by tapping on it.

Then create a new Custom Focus mode to edit your call receiving list.

You can optionally enable the Do Not Disturb mode, and allow calls from your favorites contacts only.

Therefore, enable the silence unknown callers option.

So when you do all of these steps you will most likely ignore all the calls that you don’t wish to answer to without blocking them. 

However, on the focus mode settings, you can add new modes related to your situation.

For example, you can add a Driver Mode, Gaming Mode, Personal mode, and more.

1.Open the “Focus” settings page

Open the focus settings page to stop calls on iPhone without blocking them

Open your iPhone settings, then scroll down and tap on the “Focus” option.

You’ll be navigated to the Focus page settings.

On this page, you can enable sleep mode and the “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Moreover, you can enable other Focus modes on your iPhone as well, such as Personal Focus, Driving Focus, to stop calls without blocking them.

Therefore, when someone calls you, the call will be transferred to your voicemail.

So when you tap on the “+” icon at the top right, you’ll be able to add other Focus modes depending on your needs.

By adding any new Focus mode, you can specify and select people that you want to receive calls from and silence the rest of the contacts.

2.Create a Custom Focus mode

Create a custom focus mode to stop calls on iPhone without blocking them

On the focus page tap on the blue “+” icon that is on the top right of the screen.

A popup will slide up on your screen with multiple options.

By using this pop up you can add Driving, Fitness, Personal, and other custom Focus modes on your iPhone.

In our case, we will choose the Custom mode as it’s the best example to stop calls on your iPhone without blocking them.

So tap on Custom to create a new Focus mode.

Then on the new page pick the Color, Name, and icon of your Focus Custom Mode, then tap “Next”.

3.Allow Calls from your Favorites Only

Select Specific contact to allow as an exception

After tapping on the Next button, you will get directly to the contacts’ modification page.

On this page, you can select the contact that you would like to receive calls, messages, and notifications from.

Therefore, you can stop calls on your iPhone without blocking them.

So to specify people that you want to receive calls from, tap on the “+ Add Person” icon.

Then your contacts’ page will show up.

So start by selecting only people that you want to receive calls from by tapping on each contact.

When you’re done tap on the “Done” button at the top right of the screen.

4.Stop calls on your iPhone without blocking them

Allow calls from specific group of contacts and turn off repeated calls

After selecting the contacts that you allowed them to call you, it’s time to stop other calls.

So on the Custom Focus Page, tap on the menu “Calls From”.

Now on the new page tap on “All Contacts” to stop all calls on your iPhone without blocking them.

However, you can keep your Favorite contact to allow them only to call you.

If like, you can also stop repeated calls for persons that call you twice within three minutes.

To do so, turn the “Allow Repeated Calls” toggle OFF.

Therefore, your selected contacts will only be able to call you.

Activate the new custom Focus mode

Now tap on “Allow”.

On the new page, you can choose apps to allow their notifications also.

Otherwise, continue by tapping on “Allow None”.

Then toggle your Custom Focus mode ON, and it will be ready on your iPhone.

5.Turn On the “Do Not Disturb” mode

Turn On the Do Not Disturb mode

If you usually use the Do Not Disturb mode you can switch between your Custom Focus, and the Do Not Disturb mode whenever you like.

So when you enable it, the Custom Focus will turn off automatically.

However, you can also add contacts to ignore their calls.

6.Silence Unknown Callers

Silencer Unknown Callers to Stop Calls on iPhone Without Blocking them

As a sequence of activating the Custom Focus mode, go back to your iPhone’s settings.

Then scroll down until you find the “Phone” option and tap on it.

Now tap on “Silence Unknown Callers”, then turn the toggle switch ON.

Note that we highly suggest you “Silence Unknown Callers”.

Because after enabling the Custom Focus mode, you will continue receiving calls from unknown persons.

Hence, when you silence unknown callers on your iPhone you will stop their calls without blocking them.

7.Use a 3rd Party Caller ID app

Find the spam callers ID and block them

If you are receiving a lot of unknown calls, and you already blocked them from calling you, you can also use third-party caller ID apps like Truecaller.

They will help you to identify the spammers that are trying to disturb you, then block them.

So Truecaller has already the spammers list on their apps.


When people call you a lot, and you just want to take some rest from their call without blocking them the only way is to create any Focus mode you like.

Then choose the contacts that you want to ignore, then activate the mode.

However, putting the unknown calls in silence will also save you time and effort. 

In addition to that using third-party apps like Truecaller will help you to identify spam calls and block them completely.

Today you have learned how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking them.

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