How to Stream Netflix on Discord Without Black Screen

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Are you trying to share your Netflix screen with your friends on Discord, but you can’t, so you are wondering how to stream Netflix on Discord without a black screen?

Watching Netflix movies with your friends is fun, especially on Discord, where everyone can share their screen.

But the black screen on Discord issue is mainly caused by a hardware problem.

Also, sometimes it can be caused by a Windows configuration that doesn’t meet the Discord app.

The best solution is to turn off the hardware acceleration mode on your browser.

So today I will show you how to stream Netflix on Discord without a black screen.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord Without Black Screen

To stream Netflix on Discord without a black screen, go to your browser settings and open the advanced settings, then turn off the Hardware Acceleration mode.

Now, this is one of the best solutions, but it may not work for you.

However, we will use the Google Chrome browser as the first option browser and Opera GX as the secondary browser.

So there are 4 other different solutions that may solve your black screen issue.

1.Add your Browser on Discord “Activity Status”

Adding browser to the Discord Activity Status page

To add your browser app on Discord, open the discord app first.

Then click on the “Settings” icon.

Now, when the settings page opens, scroll down until you find the “Activity Status”.

After that, click on the “Activity Status” button, then the page will open.

So now click on the blue “Add it!” link.

Then a small popup will open, so search for Google Chrome by typing it on the box.

Now click on the Google Chrome app to add it to your Discord app.

This method will mainly solve your Discord audio issue, so you can stream Netflix with audio.

Keep in mind that the app you want to add to the Discord Activity Status page should be running in the background.

So you have to open your browser first, then add it to the Activity Status.

2.Turn Off Hardware Acceleration mode

Turning Off the Hardware Acceleration mode on Chrome and Opera GX

To turn off the Hardware Acceleration mode, open your Chrome or Opera GX.

Then click on the “Settings” button.

So when the Settings page opens, click on the search bar and search for “Hardware Acceleration Mode”.

Or you can find it on Chrome by going to Settings>System>Use hardware acceleration when available.

And on Opera GX by clicking on the Settings icon ……

Now when you find the hardware acceleration button, disable it by clicking on the toggle.

This method will fix your black screen issue when streaming Netflix on Discord.

3.Update your Discord App

Downloading the latest version of Discord to stream Netflix without the black screen

One of the main things to check is the version of your Discord app.

So you have to refresh the app cache to check if there are automatic updates.

To refresh the discord cache, click the “Ctrl+R” command on the app.

Then the app will refresh automatically and update automatically.

But if the app didn’t update, you have to uninstall then reinstall it.

Now if you don’t see any change then try to download the latest update of Discord from the official website.

4.Clear the Discord cache file

Clear Discord cache file on Windows 10

Clearing the Discord cache will make the app back to default settings.

So this can fix some loading and other certain issues with the backend of the app.

To clear the Discord cache, go to the “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local” file location.

Then right-click on the “discord” folder and delete it.

Now close your app then reopen it, and try to share the screen again.

If you always see the black screen while streaming your Netflix movie on Discord, then try the last method.

5.Disable OpenH264 Video Codec on Discord

Disable OpenH264 on Discord to stream Netflix without the black screen

Open your Discord settings by clicking on the “Settings” icon.

Then, when the page opens, go to the “Voice & Video” option.

Now scroll down until you find the “VIDEO CODEC” menu.

You will see OpenH264 Video Coded on that menu.

So, disable it by clicking on the toggle switch button.

How to Share Netflix on Discord

To share Netflix on Discord, open your Discord app and click on the “+” icon to add a “New Server”, choose the “Friends” option by clicking on it.

Then activate it and open your Netflix account using your internet browser.

Now click on the “Screen” icon to share your browser screen.

Then select the browser window and start sharing your Netflix movie on Discord with your friends.

1.Create a Discord Server

Steps of creating a Discord server for friends

Open your Discord app, then click on the “+” icon at the left menu of discord.

So when the new popup opens, click on “

Now a new page will open, so select “For me and my friends”.

Then give your server a name and add a picture to your server if you like to.

After that, click “Create” to activate your new server.

Then you will be able to share your Netflix movie on Discord.

2.Click on “Stream Room” and invite your friends

Invite and share the Discord server link with friends

After creating your New server, click on the “Stream Room” to open the sharing room.

Now on the Stream Room page, you will find, “Invite your friends” button, so click on it.

Then a new popup will open with all your Discord friends list.

So start selecting your friends to invite them to the Stream Room or send them the room link.

3.Open Netflix on Chrome or Opera GX browser

Login to Netflix on browser to share its screen on Discord

When friends join your Discord Stream room, you can start to share your Netflix now.

So open your Netflix account on the browser.

You can use Chrome or Opera GX browsers.

However, make sure that you can stream Netflix on your Discord without the black screen issue.

4.Share your Netflix screen on Discord

Share Netflix screen on Discord with friends

Now that you’ve opened the Netflix app on your browser.

Go to your Discord Stream Room to share your Netflix movie there.

So when you click on the Stream Room, you will see a small screen popup on the bottom left of the app.

So click on the “Screen” Grey button to share your PC screen.

Then choose the browser window that you’ve opened Netflix on, then select it.

Finally, you will start to stream Netflix on your Discord room.


Why Is My Screen Black When I Stream Netflix on Discord

When you stream your Netflix screen on Discord and you get a black screen, it’s because of the browser configuration.

This problem is solved usually by disabling the “Hardware Acceleration” mode on the browser you’re using.

Is Streaming Netflix on Discord Illegal

Streaming Netflix on Discord for the public is illegal, and you will be restricted by copyright law.

But if you Stream Netflix on Discord with your group of friends only, there is no issue.

However, sharing a movie with the public without getting a copyright public license from the owner.


It’s fun to share and stream your preferred Netflix movie on Discord with your friends.

But sharing a Netflix movie with the public is illegal, but you can share it with your friends’ group in a Discord room with no issue.

However, the best way to stream your Netflix on Discord without the black screen is by adjusting your browser settings.

Which is disabling the Accelerated Hardware on the browser you’re using.

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