What Does “The Room Has Been Blocked” on TikTok Live Mean

Have you been watching a live video on TikTok, and you’ve been kicked out after seeing “The Room Has Been Blocked”, so you want to know what it means?

When TikTok decides to ban a user while they are hosting a live video, all the viewers will receive “The Room Has Been Blocked” message, and so as you; You aren’t banned from TikTok, only the creator is banned.

When you try to verify the comments on the live, you will see no more comments.

The creator may get banned from going live as a sequence of violating the community guidelines.

Today I will show you what does “The Room Has Been Blocked” on TikTok mean.

What Does “The Room Has Been Blocked” on TikTok Live Mean

The Room Has Been Blocked Mean the Host is Banned on TikTok Live

When you see “The Room Has Been Blocked” on TikTok, it means that the creator has been banned temporarily or permanently from going live.

Depending on what violations the creator committed, their account will be subject to a specific time suspension.

That doesn’t mean that you’ve been banned from the live too.

However, the common violations on TikTok live bans are harassment and hateful words and encouraging followers to engage in harmful behavior.

Why Would a TikTok Live Get Blocked?

The List of TikTok Community Guidelines that the creator may have violated
TikTok Community Guidelines

When a TikTok video gets blocked it’s obvious to understand that the creator is in trouble for violating some or a single TikTok community guidelines.

However, a lot of users got banned without violating any guidelines.

As TikTok prioritize safety, so they’re very strict in terms of violation.

Here are the most common violations a TikToker would have done to get banned:

  1. Cyberbullying others on TikTok;
  2. Live online sexual abuse of minors;
  3. Gambling;
  4. Streaming violence such as injury, fighting, or torture;
  5. Copyright and trademark issues;
  6. Hateful speech.

Keep in mind that there are other violations we haven’t mentioned above.

They also could be a reason why you’ve received “The Room Has Been Blocked” on TikTok live.

How Long Are TikTok Live Bans?

There are three types of bans on TikTok, and each ban has a specific characteristic, as well as the duration that it takes.

Although the creator could get banned, yet, you’ll receive a notification once they go live again on TikTok.

Here are each ban type and its duration:

1.Temporary live ban

Temporary bans usually take from 1 to 2 weeks to be lifted.

So in most cases, the creator would rather wait until they go live again, even though they won’t be able to receive gifts until they get unbanned.

They would send a feedback form if they feel they haven’t violated any guidelines, and they’ve been banned by mistake.

2.Permanent live ban

A permanent ban on TikTok live isn’t subject to recovery unless the creator believes they were banned by mistake.

So they could contact TikTok by email or send them a feedback form in order to explain the misconception.

However, a permanent ban is far more likely to get recovered if it makes sense.

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