How To Make TikTok Photo Slideshow Faster

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Making a slideshow on TikTok has never been easier, but what if you want to make the photo slide faster?

One of the main reasons people are still using TikTok is because of the distinct features that are included in it.

Among all these features there are the slideshow effects.

The only method to make your TikTok photo slideshow faster is by using a 3rd party app called CapCut.

TikTok has a slideshow standard speed which is 2 seconds by using the conventional upload method from the gallery.

However, if you want to get an animated raucous slideshow, you can use the Templates features, which is what you’re probably avoiding.

So today I will teach you how to make your TikTok photo slideshow faster in an easy way.

How To Make TikTok Photo Slideshow Faster

To make your TikTok photo slideshow faster, you need to download the CapCut app on your phone, then upload and edit your photo on it.

When you open the app, you’ll be able to upload the photos in it.

After uploading the photos, you need to put them together on the same slideshow.

Then you’ll be able to edit the speed of the slideshow to make the photos slides faster when you upload the video on TikTok.

1.Download the CapCut app

Downloading the Capcut app

First, you need to head over to the App Store or the Google Play to download the CapCut.

It’s available for both Android and Apple phones.

CapCut is a high quality video maker app that provides you with tremendous features.

You can cut, change the speed and reverse your video.

Moreover, you can create a unique photo slideshow, and edit its speed to make the TikTok photo slideshow faster.

So when you download the app, open it.

After opening the app, accept the terms of service to start using it.

2.Add your photos on the app

Add photos to the CapCut app to make the photo the slideshow faster on TikTok

When the app opens, and you’re ready to add your photos, tap on “+ New Projects”.

You might need to grant the app access to your gallery.

After granting the app to access your photos, start by selecting them one by one.

To do so, simply tap on the “Photos” menu on the gallery page.

Then you’ll be redirected to where your photos are.

Tap on each photo to select them, but in the empty circles.

When you select your desired photos, tap on the “Add” button.

3.Adjust the video timing slideshow

Shortener the video to make the photo the slideshow faster on TikTok

When you add the photos, you can start editing the speed of each one by tapping on their clips individually.

For example, when you tap on the first photo in the video timeline, you’ll see two white corners.

To make the photo slideshow faster on your TikTok, you need to tap and hold the right white corner then slide it slowly to the left.

By doing so, you’ll make the photo on the timeline looks shorter.

This means that the photo timing will get faster.

To ensure that you’re doing the right task, take a look at the small-time icon (1.0s) on each photo in the timeline.

This will help you to know the time of each photo before it turns to the next one.

4.Add your last touches to the video

Remove the CapCut clip from the timeline

After editing each of the photo’s speeds, you can tap on the play button to check your video.

Keep in mind that below the video there is the overall time of the video after editing it.

So you might want to adjust it to come up with the desired video time.

Before publishing the video, you can remove the watermark of the CapCut app if you want.

To do so, tap on the last black video on the timeline, then the trash icon will show up.

Now tap on the trash icon to delete the watermark.

5.Share the faster photo slideshow on TikTok

Share the slideshow on the TikTok app

Now that you’re ready to publish your video, tap on the “Share” icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Then a new page will show up by showing you that your video was exported.

To share it on TikTok, tap on the “Share to TikTok” button.

If your video is too short, you won’t be able to share it, so you need a minimum of 2 seconds.

Otherwise, you’ll receive a notification that the video is too short.

So make sure to make it longer.

After tapping on the “TikTok Share button”, the TikTok app will open with your video included.

Now tap on “Next”.

A new page will show up, which is the editing page, so you can edit your video before publishing it.

When you’re ready, tap on the “Next” button.

On the new page, add your hashtags and pick “Who can watch this video”.

Then tap on “Post” to finally publish the video.

6.Watch your new video

Watch the photo slideshow on TikTok after making it faster

After the publishing is complete, you’ll get a notification asking you whether you want to stay on TikTok or get back to the “CapCut”.

Tap on “Stay in TikTok”.

Then you can take a look at the video to watch it.

If you edited the privacy to “Only Me”, you need to tap on the “Padlock” icon on your profile to watch it.

Otherwise, you’ll typically see it on the profile page.


TikTok has become a huge platform with thousands if not millions of videos uploaded every day.

Yet, unfortunately, the slideshow feature is not that useful for you if you want to make the photo faster on TikTok.

So the only best way to do so is to use a 3rd party video maker app, like CapCut to add your photos on it, then make them slide faster.

This was how to make your TikTok photo slideshow faster with ease.

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