How Many Times Does a Phone Ring (The Full Guide)

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If you have ever called someone, and you want to know how many times does the phone call ring, then you have to know that every carried has their own ring numbers.

Usually, most phone calls in the US ring 6 times for 30 seconds before going to another phase.

However, there may be some slight difference with every carrier provider.

The number of rings has different meanings and situations that describe what’s happening on the recipient’s part.

So today I will reveal how many times does a phone call rings, and describe every situation from the caller’s perspective.

How Many Times Does a Phone Ring

Explaining how many times does a phone ring

A standard phone call rings 6 times for 30 seconds before canceling or transferring you to the voicemail.

But these numbers change between multiple carrier providers.

So you might see a slight difference when switching carriers.

Moreover, different countries might get different ring numbers and times.

In some countries, the call rings 8 times for 40 seconds before transferring you to the Voicemail.

Now if there are situations where the recipient may be busy, out of network, blocked you, turned off their phone, activated the “Do Not Disturb” mode, and more.

What Do 6 Rings Mean

6 Rings mean the call has no issue and the recipient received it, but they may be busy or activate the silent mode on their phone.

They also can be far from the phone.

For example, if you call your friend, and you know that they have an iPhone, the call may ring up to 6 times without answering you if they’ve put the phone away.

In contrast, if they wear an Apple Watch, it will vibrate in their hand.

So they will recognize your call and answer you, probably.

But if they didn’t answer, it means that they just don’t want to answer.

Moreover, they can be far from their phone, busy, or they’ve put their phone on silent mode.

Now there are two things that might happen after the 6 rings, so it might get canceled or transfer you to the Voicemail.

So you can wait until they call you back to know the reason behind the cancellation of the call.

Will a Phone Ring if It’s Off

If the phone is OFF it will not ring or receive any call unless it’s turned ON, so the call will go straight to the Voicemail when the phone is OFF.

In some cases, the phone will ring only once, and you will get redirected to the Voicemail.

There is another message that you may receive from the automated carrier’s answer.

The message is “The number you’re calling is busy or out of service, please try again later”.

So use the Find My Device for Android or the Find My iPhone for Apple devices.

This will help you to verify that the phone you’re trying to reach is out of service or stolen

Both services will help you to locate the phone if it’s stolen.

However, the phone must have linked with your Gmail email address for Android and Apple iCloud ID for iPhone.

Why Incoming Calls Make Your Phone Only Rings Once

Check the signals of network connection if the phone call ring one or two times

Incoming calls ring once most likely because you’re receiving a call from a spammy number, or you have a network connection issue.

The first thing to verify is the number calling you.

This means that you verify the caller ID if you believe it’s a strange number.

You can use the TrueCaller app or NumberBook to verify the caller ID.

However, if you have a connection issue, make sure the 4G+.

Also, check if the cellular signal of your phone is completely colored and strong.

If it’s not, then change your location or move to another room if you’re in a closed place.

After trying so and finding out that you still have the issue, change the phone you’re using and try again.

Therefore, the last option is to contact your carrier provider support center or replace your SIM card with a new one.

Why the Phone Rings Twice and Goes to Voicemail

If the phone rings Twice then goes to Voicemail, it means that the recipient has blocked you, enabled the Do Not Disturb mode, or is out of reach.

So to know if the person has blocked your number, try to call them using your friend’s phone or any other phone number.

If the phone call ring 6 times, it means that they blocked your number.

They may answer your call when you try to call them from another number, so this confirms that they blocked you.

However, if the Do Not Disturb mode is activated, or they are out of reach you will hear two rings.

Then you will get redirected to the Voicemail.

What if the Phone Rings 4 Times Then Go to Voicemail

If the Phone rings 4 times then goes to Voicemail, it’s likely that the recipient rejected your call.

Yet, this case happens when the recipient blocks your number or is out of reach.

So it’s similar to the earlier situation, where the recipient is out of service or enabled the Disturb mode.

You can also try to reach the same number by using another phone and mobile number to know if they blocked you.

Will a Phone Ring if You Are Blocked

Blocked phone number ring one or two times or transfer the caller directly to the Voicemail

Yes, the phone may ring once or twice before transferring you to the Voicemail, depending on the carrier provider or the country you’re in, yet, it means you’re blocked.

So if you want to know whether you’ve been blocked or not, call the same number from another number.

There is another method that works with iPhones which are to send them an SMS message from an iPhone.

So if you have an iPhone and believe that your number is blocked, send the recipient a message and wait to check if it was sent.

You will either receive a red “Not Delivered” phrase below the sent message or get a “Sent as a Text Message”.

These methods will help you to suspect whether you were blocked or not.

Will the Phone Ring Twice if You Are Blocked


There are a lot of conversations happening in phone calls every day.

So most people contact each other by phone calls.

However, to understand the ringing timing system, you have to first follow your country or the carrier provider you’re using.

This will help you to identify easily how the timing and the number of rings work.

As standard, phone calls ring 6 times and for 30 seconds in multiple countries and in the other 8 times in 40 seconds.

This is why you’ve learned today how many times does a phone rings with a full guide explaining every situation.

To help you to understand how the phone call ringing system works and identify your situation.

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