How to Unarchive Messages on Messenger in 4 steps

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If you have archived messages on your messenger, and you want to get them back, you will wonder how to unarchive these messages on messenger. 

When you get an unwanted message on Facebook Messenger and you archive it, it’s probably because you don’t want to see it.

Now, if you decide to get it back by unarchiving the message, it can be done from the messenger.

But there are some steps to take when you decide to unarchive messages.

What Is Archive in Messenger

Archive in Messenger is the process of hiding the chat or conversation that’s happening between you and another person on the Facebook Messenger app.

Usually, the main reason users decide to archive their chat on messenger, is because they don’t want someone to see it.

Also, there are multiple reasons that can lead to archiving a message, such as receiving an unwanted text message or keeping the message to decide what to do with it after.

However, when you tap on the “Archive” button in Facebook Messenger.

The message will go to a place called “Archived”.

So you can find all your old archived messages on the “Archived” file and unarchive them when you want.

Do Archived Chats Still Receive Messages

Yes, you can still receive messages on already archived chats, but you can’t see them until you check these archived chats manually on archives.

So if the person sent you a message on Facebook Messenger, it’s hard for you to know if you didn’t open the archived folder.

However, the message can stay for a long time without you seeing it until you realize that you’ve archived a message.

How to Unarchive Messages on Messenger

To unarchive messages on messenger, tap on your profile picture on the messenger app, then on the new page “Archived Chats”.

Now, after opening the archived chats page, find the chats that you want to unarchive.

Then unarchive them.

However, you can still send messages on the chat if they are archived.

Because when you unarchive them, you just hide them without blocking the text messaging.

This method is useful for both Android and iPhone.

But there is another method if you want to unarchive them using your PC.

How to Unarchive Messages on Messenger Mobile App

1.Open your Facebook Messenger app

Open Facebook Messenger app on mobile phone

First, open your messenger app on your Android or iPhone.

Then you will see all opened messages on your messenger app page.

Now, when you unarchive your messages, they will be back on this page.

So you will be able to open the messages and chat again with the other person easily.

2.Tap on Your profile picture

Tap on the profile picture to open settings

On the profile page, you will also see at the top left your Facebook profile picture.

Tap on your profile picture, to open the messenger settings page.

After opening the settings page, you will be able to edit the messenger app settings.

3.Tap “Archived Chats”

Open the archived chat page to unarchive messages on messenger

When you open the settings page, there will multiple options to edit.

However, you can see not just your archived chats, there are also hidden messages that you can see.

Such as “Messages Request” usually comes from people you don’t know on Facebook.

So, to unarchive messages on messenger, locate the “Archived Chats”.

Now tap on “Archived Chats” to open your archived messages page.

Then you will see all your archived messages there.

4.Find and Unarchive the chat

Unarchive messages on messenger using a mobile phone

Now that you’ve opened the archived chats page.

You will be able to unarchive any chat you want or delete them.

Also, if someone sent you a message after archiving the chat, you will see it here.

So to unarchive the messages on Android long tap on any chat or message you want then on the popup tap “Unarchive”.

On iPhone, swipe right of the message, then tap “Unarchive” to unarchive the message.

How to Unarchive Messages on Messenger on Your PC

1.Open the Messenger app on your PC

Steps of opening Facebook Messenger app on PC

To Unarchive the messages on messenger using your PC, first, you have to open the messenger page.

So on your Facebook profile, tap on the “Messenger” icon.

Then, after the popup shows up, tap “See all in Messenger”.

Now a new page will open which is the messenger page.

2.Tap on “Archived chats”

Go to the Archived Chats directory on PC

On the messenger page, tap on the “Three Dots” that’s located near the “Chats” word, at the top left.

Then a new popup will show up, so tap on “Archived chats”.

Now you will be redirected to the page where all your archived chats are located.

Which is the Archived Chats page.

3.Tap the “Three dots” then unarchive the chat

Unarchive messages on messenger using a PC

After opening the archived chats page, it’s time to unarchive the messages.

So hover your mouse cursor to the message.

Then automatically, a “Three dots” button will show up at the right of the message.

Now tap on those “Three dots”, then when the popup shows up tap “Unarchive Chat”.

Finally, go back to the messenger page, and you will the unarchived message there.


On the Facebook Messenger app, you can archive and unarchive messages whenever you want.

However, this will not cause you a problem with the person, and it will not show them that you’ve unarchived their message.

So today you’ve learned how to unarchive messages on messenger using mobile app and PC version.

Finally, remember that if you’ve opened the archived message and started chatting, the message will become unarchived automatically.

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