How To Unread Messages on Instagram Direct

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Have you received unwanted messages on Instagram, and do you want to unread those messages?

When you receive annoying messages from people, and you just don’t want to read them.

But you are obliged to open them and check what they wrote for you.

You will definitely read those messages than unread them.

So the unread messages feature on Instagram is available just on the professional account.

However, you have to unread your messages before other people check their messages and see that you’ve read them.

So you have to be fast on doing this task.

Today, I will show you how to unread messages on Instagram.

How To Unread Messages on Instagram

To unread messages on Instagram, switch your Instagram account to a professional account, then go to the Instagram direct and long tap on the message.

Now, when the popup opens, tap on “Unread” to unread the message.

But, if you have a personal account, you have to switch it to professional.

Otherwise, you will not see the “Unread” button.

Then, after you unread the message, you can switch back to a personal account.

But if you already have a professional account, skip the first step.

1.Switch to Professional Account

switching Instagram to a professional account

On your Instagram profile, type on the “Edit Profile” button.

Then the Edit page will open.

Now hover down to the bottom of the page.

Then tap on “Switch to Professional Account”.

Now you will be redirected to a new page, to start the switching process.

So tap on “Continue” and follow the account switching instructions.

Then a page will open asking you whether you want your account to be a creator or a business account.

Tap on the “Creator” button to proceed faster.

Then tap “X” at the top right to go back to your new Professional Instagram account.

2.Open the Instagram Direct

Opening Instagram Direct messages

After that, you’ve switched your Instagram account to a professional account.

Tap on the “Direct Messages” icon at the bottom of your profile.

Then your Instagram direct messages will be opened.

Here, you will be able to unread the messages that you’ve already opened on Instagram.

3.Tap on “Mark as Unread”

Mark the message as unread on Instagram

Now, long tap on the messages you want to unread.

Then a new popup message will appear.

So tap on the “Mark as Unread” to unread the message.

You can also put a small flag on the unread messages on Instagram.

To do this, tap on the “Flag” button on the same popup. 

Then a small flag will appear next to the unread messages.

So it will help you to know that you’ve already unread that message and will not open it again.

4.Switch back to personal account

Switch back to personal account after marking the message as unread on Instagram

After unreading the message, you can keep your Instagram account as a professional.

Now, if you want to switch it back to a personal account.

Tap on the “Three lines” icon in the top right of your Instagram profile.

Then tap on “Settings”.

Now go to your account page by tapping on “Account”.

After opening the page, swipe down until you reach the bottom of the page.

When you see “Switch Account Type” tap on it.

Then tap “Switch to Personal Account”, then again “Switch to Personal Account”.

Finally, your Instagram account will be switched to a personal account and the messages will keep unread.

Why Can’t I Unread Messages on Instagram

If you can’t unread the messages on Instagram, this is because your account is still a personal account.

So you have to switch it to professional, then get back to check the messages.

Now if you see on the messages the “Unread” button, this means you can now unread the messages.

If you don’t see it again, update your Instagram app or contact Instagram support.

However, you can check the method above on how to unread your messages on Instagram.

How To Unread Messages on Instagram Using Your PC

You cannot unread the messages on Instagram on your PC, because this feature is not available on the PC version.

However, you can check your direct messages and talk with people via your PC.

Even you can add posts from the Instagram version of your PC.

As Instagram continuously updates its app.

So if you want to see your messages without unreading them on PC, go to the Instagram app.

Then sign in by adding your credentials.

Now, when the Instagram app opens on your PC, tap on the “Direct Messages” icon.

Then the Direct Messages page will open, and you will be able to see and read your messages.

Keep in mind that if you unread the messages on your phone, you will see them as unread also on the PC version.

So it will not affect your messages and everything will stay as it is.


When you receive unwanted messages on Instagram, you will decide to unread some of them.

But the only way to do it is by switching your account to professional, then mark them as unread.

So today you learned how to unread Instagram messages on a professional account, then get back to the personal account if you want to.

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