How To View Dislikes on YouTube

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Do you want to get back and view the dislikes count on YouTube again?

After removing the dislike count on November 10, 2021, some people appreciated the decision of YouTube, and some of them got criticized it.

However, this decision that YouTube made, as they said, can reduce the fake dislike scams that people add to a video.

So they can just add those dislikes because they aren’t familiar with the creator, or they just don’t like him.

This is why they will click on the dislike button.

On the other hand, the dislike button will remain on YouTube, so you can dislike a video if you want.

But only the creator will be able to view the dislike count on his YouTube channel.

Now there is an extension made by developers that can bring back the dislikes count.

So today I will show you how to view the dislikes count on YouTube again.

How To View Dislikes on YouTube

To view dislikes on YouTube, open YouTube on your Chrome browser or any other browser, then visit the “RetunYouTube Dislikes” website to download the extension.

However, the extension is available for multiple Chromium browsers such as Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave.

It’s also available for the IOS version.

So, you can download your compatible version by clicking on the “Install” menu on the website.

1.Open YouTube on Google Chrome

Open a YouTube video to see and view the dislikes

First, open your Chrome browser and go to YouTube, then open any video you want to watch.

However, you can open it from any other browser, as the extension works with almost all famous browsers.

So when you open the video, you will see the dislike button without the number of dislikes.

But if you want to know the quality of the video and the viewers’ opinion.

You can check the comments to get a clear view of the people who watched the video before you.

For example, if the video is about a tutorial, you can check on the comments what people are saying.

So if they are thanking the creator, that clearly means the video is worth watching.

But if you see the opposite, you can decide whether you take a look at it or not.

2.Download the “Return YouTube Dislike” extension

Download the Return YouTube Dislike extension to view the dislikes on YouTube

After opening the video and checking that there is no dislikes count.

Go to the Chrome web store to download the Return YouTube Dislike extension.

You can also visit directly the website if you’d like to download the extension on other browsers.

So, on the Chrome web store, click on “Add to Chrome” to download the extension.

Then the extension will be added automatically to your browser on the extension bar.

And you will be able to view the YouTube dislikes, but after completing some more steps.

Now, if you’ve visited the website, click on the “Install Button”.

Then you will be redirected to the “Install” page, so click on the browser you are using.

After this, you will be redirected to the download page, 

3.Download the “Thumbnail Rating Bar for YouTube” extension

Download Thumbnail Rating Bar for YouTube extension from Chrome web store

Another way to view the dislikes count on YouTube is by using the Thumbnail Rating Bar for the YouTube extension.

Which displays a small bar at the bottom of each video in the YouTube suggestions or the videos list.

So to download the extension, you can visit its page on the Chrome web store.

However, when you hover the mouse over the small bar, you will see the like and dislike ratio.

In addition to this, you can modify the color of the bar, and adjust its size as you want.

You can also use it with the Return YouTube Dislike extension as a combination.

To modify the settings of the extension, click on it then you will be able to modify everything you want.

Now when you finish, click on save then refresh the page.

4.Go to YouTube again and refresh the page

Download Chrome Extensions to view YouTube Dislikes

Now, after downloading the two extensions, you can now view the dislikes on YouTube.

So go to YouTube again, and refresh the page, then you will see the dislikes count again on the video near the dislike button.

Which “Return YouTube Dislike” extension show.

However, for the suggested videos that are on the right list, you will see a small blue bar.

Which “Thumbnail Rating Bar for YouTube” extension show.

Now hover your cursor to that bar, and you will be able to see the ratio of likes and dislikes.

The good thing about those two extensions is that you can combine them together.

So when you click on the Thumbnail Rating extension to edit it, you can enable the rating bar on the video page.

But only if you are using the Return Dislike extension.


Why Is YouTube Getting Rid of Dislikes

YouTube is getting rid of dislikes because they believe that this can create a good relationship between creators and viewers.

It can also reduce the harassment of viewers who don’t like the creator and want to ruin his engagements.

So YouTube decided to stop the dislikes so only the creators themselves can view their stats.

Can YouTube Creators See Who Disliked Their Videos

Yes, YouTube creators can still see who disliked their videos on the YouTube Studio.

By clicking on your “Your Channel”, then click on the “Manage Videos” button.

Now, on the YouTube Studio, you can see all the likes and dislikes of your videos in the “Content” section.


YouTube has made a huge community around the world, which makes it the second most visited website in the world after Google.

So the decision they’ve taken to remove the dislikes from YouTube can reduce spammy engagements.

But the best way to view the YouTube dislikes is by using the two extensions.

Which are the Return YouTube Dislike and the Thumbnail Rating Bar for YouTube.

So today you’ve learned how to view and see dislikes on YouTube again.

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