How to Watch Live Streams on TikTok

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So you want to know how to watch live streams on TikTok, how to find them also? And what are the TikTok coins?

Live streams on TikTok started in 2019, so it’s one of the best ways to grow your followers and interact with them.

However, live streams help the creator and the followers to connect in real-time.

So the creator shows his talent and the followers can have fun watching it.

The audience who watch live streams can give the creators what’s called TikTok coins like an appreciation, and these coins are paid. 

Now followers tend to search for live streams and can’t find what they are looking for sometimes.

But TikTok is implementing new ways after each core update to help the audience find what they are looking for.

So it’s easy to find live streams and watch them on TikTok, you just need to follow some steps.

Today I will show you how to watch live streams on TikTok and find them, also what’s the TikTok coins on live streaming.

How to Watch Live on TikTok

To watch a live stream on TikTok, go to your inbox then you will see the last live streams that are happening now, so tap on the “Watch” button to watch the live stream.

After opening the live stream, you can chat with the live stream creator.

Also, you can send him a sticker as a gift of appreciation, but you have to pay for the sticker TikTok coins.

So you have to buy TikTok coins for dollars.

1.Go to your TikTok Inbox

Opening the TikTok inbox to watch lives

Open your TikTok app.

Then tap on the Inbox icon to go to the Inbox page.

Here you will always see and watch the last live streams on TikTok.

But it will be mostly the live streams of the user you follow.

Or other users suggested users.

2.Tap on Top Lives

Watching a live video on TikTok

Now after opening the page of the Inbox.

Choose one of the live streams you want to watch.

Then tap on the “Watch” button to watch the TikTok live.

After opening the live stream.

You can remove the comments by swiping to the right.

So you will just watch the live video without comments.

How To Find Lives on TikTok

To find lives on TikTok, go to the Discover page, then type on the search bar the word “Live” and search for it.

Then you will find all lives that are happening now on TikTok.

So you can tap to expand the results and find more live videos.

Also, you can search and find TikTok lives for a specific user, by typing his name on the search bar.

Then you will find out if he is doing a live video or not.

1.Open TikTok Discovery Page

Opening the discovery page on TikTok

On your TikTok app, tap on the discovery icon.

Then the Discovery page will open.

You can scroll down to see the most trending videos and hashtags.

Because most of the famous users on TikTok go live sometimes.

Search for lives to watch on the discovery page on TikTok

Now tap on the search bar and type the word “live” to find live videos.

After typing live, tap on the “Search” button to start searching.

Then the results will appear on the first line.

Which are the live videos on TikTok.

3.Find live streams on TikTok

Tap see more and find more lives to watch

After you’ve seen the live videos on the search results.

You can now tap on one of the videos to start watching live.

Also, if you want more live video results, tap on the “See More” button.

So all the live videos will expand on a new page, and you can scroll down and tap on any video to start watching that live.

4.Find TikTok live for a specific user

Find a specific user to watch him live

However, if you want to find if a person is doing a live video now on TikTok.

Just type the name of the TikTok user on the search bar.

So if he is doing a live video, you will find the live badge on his profile.

But if he isn’t live on TikTok now, you will not see the live badge on his profile.

What Are TikTok Coins and How To Use Them

Steps of recharging the TikTok account balance with TikTok coins

TikTok’s coins are virtual coins that you pay for with real money, to get stickers to send them as an appreciation gift for the live creator.

So if you want to send stickers for someone who is doing a live video, it’s fast and easy.

First, to recharge coins go to your profile setting by tapping on the three lines, in the top right of your profile.

After the setting page opens, tap on the “Balance” button to open the TikTok coins recharge page.

Choose the number of coins you want and pay for them with your Google Play payment method.

After recharging TikTok coins, open the live video.

Steps of sending stickers in a live video streaming on TikTok

Then tap on the small stickers at the top right bottom of the screen.

A new popup will open, with all the gifts that you can send to the streamer.

Then choose one of the gifts you want to send and tap on it, then your gift will be sent.

And you will be charged for TikTok coins.

So when the streamers receive your gift he will transform that gift into TikTok coins, then can withdraw it from his TikTok balance.


TikTok lives are the way that audience and creators can connect directly and have fun, also interact in real-time.

So if you want to watch live on TikTok, you can do it on the discovery page by searching for it or for the name of the creator.

However, in TikTok live, you can comment, send a gift, also request to be a guest on the live video.

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