What Is FiftyTalk Website? And Why It Talks About Tech, Digital Marketing, Online Business in (2021)?

Here at FiftyTalk, we write topics related to Tech, Digital Marketing & Online Business.

People who are running businesses or willing to run a business, or working on any type of project, will face sometimes issues or lack of knowledge in any of the three fields.

Most of your time you will end up lost or frustrated in decision making, at FiftyTalk you will find us here always to help you with any of the three fields.

We strongly believe that Tech, Digital Marketing & Online Business is the key to being successful in 2021 online business.

Let’s find out how we will do it?

What is the type of content FiftyTalk will post?

Man staring at his laptop trying to find solution for his problem


If you are working on any project or you want to start a business you will need to have a PC, especially if you want to run a business from home you should use your PC. Mostly it will stay with you from the first step until the last step of your growth in online business.

When you will be using your computer you will probably face sometimes technical issues that will affect the completion of your task or project, or maybe you will need suggestions on any PC software field. 

What does FiftyTalk do with Tech:

  • At FiftyTalk we will help you to fix your technical issue by posting “Tech Tutorials, Reviews, Tips, this will help you boost your work time and work more efficiently to complete your project even growing your knowledge and gain more experience in the Tech field.

Digital Marketing

When you are in the car on the highway, you can see that billboards are filling the streets on the right and left of highways, cities, some of them are printed others are showing up on screens.

Marketing Board on the road

Also when you are playing a game or watching a youtube video, the screen shows you an advertisement for a famous shampoo or any other kind of product, which is called digital marketing.

So Digital Marketing is important, and without it, no one will know about what you are doing or what business you are running, or the services you are providing.

A small definition:

  • Marketing is the campaign that follows the consumer through the entire sales cycle, with the purpose to influence the customer’s decision. The entire marketing process starts with market research at first, then identifying your target audience, and understanding the market needs. Marketing campaigns are included in all parts of the business. The biggest objective of marketing is to let people buy or consume your product or service.

At FiftyTalk we will help you to understand how marketing works to grow your business online and help you get customers with our easy Tips & Tutorials.


Now coming to the most important portion, Business. Marketing and Tech are just small parts.

Without the word Business, others don’t exist, I mean Marketing and Tech.

Business is the goal that you achieve when you combine and manage all the small parts to get through the final result which is growing your business revenue to make a profit.

Business is made not just to make a living, but also it makes Entrepreneur live a life of excitement and challenge to achieve the promised objective which is success. It can give people happiness also.

Woman drawing for her business project

Here are 5 reasons why you should start a business in 2021:

1-It’s costless:

Let’s say you decided to start a small retail clothing shop, the estimation of total costs will vary according to type of retail and shop location — “Entrepreneur” magazine estimated startup costs between $2,000 and $50,000 for different retail businesses from antique furniture sales to musical equipment sales.

That’s a lot for someone who wants to start a business at a low cost. On the other hand, estimated costs for an online business are around 50$ to 250$ to make something professional.

Now if you wanted something more professional then you should start thinking about an investment of 1000$ for the maximum to start competing in your industry. Also, you don’t have to put inventory in your retail store if you were running retail shopping for example, and if you are running software or business service you will need just a PC and an internet connection.

If you don’t have an internet connection or PC, there are plenty of coffee shops that offer these services, even if you can’t afford you can do it with a school internet connection.

2-You’ll learn new skills:

Fortunately, online businesses don’t need graduated MBA people, to start your business you don’t need that high value of knowledge or skills, don’t be afraid to start with your own skills.

People don’t stop learning even aged ones, you will learn from your mistakes, by the way, mistakes are not bad things, without them, you will never learn anything. Wherefore in any business career, there will be a lot of errors and mistakes that will make you learn how to avoid them in the future, even big companies make mistakes like Apple and Samsung.

Of course, you are probably not going to be an expert in everything, but you can learn to be an expert with your own skills. Sometimes you will need to hire other people to do the work that you can’t do.

3-Your time is flexible:

Yes believe it, it’s not that important to wake up early to go to work, even you can work any day you want, also any hour of the day, and take a vacation at anytime you want. Successful people, really don’t relax at all times, because they know that their work depends on their efforts if they work more they will earn more, learn more. Some Entrepreneurs are very happy waking up in the early morning to manage their work and grow their business because they know that this habit will pay off one day.

With flexible time you are able to focus on important activities both inside and outside your business, and give time to your family aside from your business.

It’s also not limited by hourly wage, the reason is your productivity, so if you are more productive and you manage your work efficiently you can earn more.

4-You have endless opportunities:

There are plenty of business ideas that you can start online today, and in each field, there are also many niches to start with.

Imagine that you decided to start an online retail store, your website will likely go in front of millions of people, that is the huge opportunity that I am talking about. In addition to that, your business has a high potential to grow rapidly, faster than a normal retail store boutique, even big companies are switching their retail stores boutique to online e-commerce stores in 2021.

Even if you are facing a problem you don’t need to hire an expert sometimes, you can go and search on google for the solution, and there is a big chance you will find the solution to your answer. That’s an opportunity also.

5-Passive income:

Yes! it’s a passive income. Means if you worked hard for one or two years effectively and continuously with all the condition required, without breaking small success habit rules, you will end up making a passive income, and that is we call Financial Freedom.

After you are Financially Free, that doesn’t mean you should leave your business and it will run like a money-making machine. That’s not true.

You should always be present in your business to check all systems and progress that you did, “be careful, if you left your business, you will lose it”.

At least sell it if you are no more passionate about it.

So it can give you passive income (as long as you are regularly present in it).

FiftyTalk Blog Objective

Our objective is to provide you with all the necessary knowledge to be successful online at a time where everything online is growing rapidly, especially Technology.

This is why we believe in the three secrets of success “Technology, Digital Marketing & Online Business”, which can be the best key combination to run any business in the world successfully.

So do you think also that these 3 secrets are the reason for being successful online?

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