Why Is Clash Royale Stuck on Updating?

A girl updating an app on her phone and waiting for it to complete

When you’re updating Clash Royale, and it’s stuck at 50%, you may wonder how to fix it.

There are several causes why the game is stuck when it’s updating.

However, the main reason Clash Royale is stuck at 50% when updating is that the cache of the app is full, or the mobile phone is getting so long to complete the update; To fix it, restart your phone then try updating the app again.

In some cases, there could be other causes for that issue.

So you need to try multiple fixes in order to fix it.

Today I will tell you why is the Clash Royale game stuck on updating and how to fix it.

You might have also encountered an issue when the Clash Royale is crashing.

Why Is Clash Royale Updating?

Because Clash Royal is like any other online game that has to be updated by the developers to fix bugs, and crashes and improve the overall experience of the game.

When an update occurs, Supercell will mention this on Twitter, and it’s usually released on Play Store and Google Play.

Once the update is released, all users have to complete the update to be able to play the game.

Otherwise, they will end up on the updating page without being able to access the home page.

Why Is Clash Royale Stuck on Updating?

Clash Royale is stuck on 50% when it’s updating because either the game cache is full or your internet connection has an issue.

There could be other issues, like the game server could run into a server outage.

Usually, these issue appears just after Supercell release a new update for the game, and in some cases it causes the server to get filled with update requests.

  1. The app cache is full;
  2. Clash Royale server is running into an outage;
  3. Your Internet connection isn’t stable.

How To Fix Clash Royale When It’s Stuck on Updating?

To fix Clash Royale when it’s stuck on 50% on the updating page, close the app and go to the settings page to Clear the Cache.

Then you need to restart your phone, check if there is an issue with the Supercell server and try again.

If the issue still exists, you need to use a VPN app in order to update the game.

1.Restart your device

Restart your device to fix Clash Royale when it's stuck on updating

The first and most conventional thing to do is to restart your mobile phone.

You may think that this won’t solve the issue.

However, a lot of users have reported that only restarting their phone was enough to solve the Clash Royale when it’s stuck on 50% of the updating page.

When you restart your phone, the phone Ram will get cleared out.

So all the running apps and games will close, and you’ll start with a fresh Ram.

2.Clear the app Cache

Clear the Clash Royale cache to fix when it's stuck on updating

The next thing to do is to clear the game cache, this is specifically suggested for Android devices, as you can reach the app cache on the settings.

In terms of Clearing the cache, this won’t cause your data to disappear.

To clear the app cache, open your phone “Settings”.

Then go to the “Apps” page or simply search for it in the search box and open the page.

When you open the page, find the Clash Royale app and tap on it, then tap on “Storage” and tap on “Clear Cache”.

Now, for iPhone users, you need to uninstall and then reinstall the game.

However, it’s important to make sure that you are logged in to your Supercell account on the game, so you won’t lose your data when you uninstall it.

3.Use a VPN app

Use psiphon VPN app

Download an app called Psiphon for your Android or iPhone.

This is a Free VPN app that will let you connect to the Supercell servers from another country.

When you use a VPN app, this will probably fix your Clash Royale game when it’s stuck on 50% of the updating page.

So when you download and open the app, tap on the “Power” button, and the app will connect you automatically.

Once you’ll become connected, you’ll see a “Connected” mention and the button will change its color to green.

Now try to update the game again and open it.

If this doesn’t work, you need to check the game server by visiting the Downdetector website.

If you notice a spike in the graph, it means that the server is running into an outage.

So you need to wait for 24 hours until you try updating again.

What do you do if Clash Royale won’t load?

You need to close the app, change the Wi-Fi connection you’re using, then try again.

If the game still doesn’t load, uninstall and then reinstall it.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to worry about your data being deleted.


Clash Royale always gets new updates, yet a lot of users face issues when they try updating it.

So the most obvious reason why Clash Royale is stuck on the 50% on the updating page is that either your phone has a technical issue or the game server is loaded.

To fix this issue you need to restart your phone, then clear the app cache and try again.

Today, you’ve learned how to fix the Clash Royale when it’s stuck on updating.

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