Why Won’t TikTok Let Me Link My Instagram?

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Trying to link your TikTok account to your Instagram could end up failing, so you may wonder why won’t TikTok let me link my Instagram.

The main reason why you’re not able to link your TikTok account to Instagram is that you have two Instagram accounts with the same login.

It could also be that your app is not up-to-date or TikTok has a server issue.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can follow to fix this issue and link your Instagram directly to your account.

You can simply add a new password to the second Instagram account that you have, and log in with the second account’s password.

After doing so, you can use the account without any issue.

Today I will answer why won’t TikTok let me a link to my Instagram.

You can’t link your Instagram account to TikTok, because you have multiple Instagram accounts with the same login, which causes confusion with your Instagram accounts.

Logging in to your Instagram account with the same password may end up linking the wrong Instagram account to your TikTok profile.

As you may have set up multiple accounts on your Instagram with the same password or what’s so-called a Single Login, you may get this issue.

However, Instagram no longer allows users to set up a Single Login.

So if you had already set up multiple Instagram accounts with a single login, you can still benefit from it.

So the solution is to change the second account’s password or change the email to a new one, then log in to your TikTok using the second account’s credential.

To relink your Instagram account to your TikTok profile page, you need to first make sure that your Instagram accounts have a unique password, each.

Then you’ll be able to go to the profile and relink your Instagram account.

In case your Instagram is no longer linked to your TikTok, you can always relink it.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to know why won’t TikTok let you link your Instagram, and how to fix it by relinking the account.

1.Open your Second account

Open your Instagram profile page

First, you need to navigate to the Instagram account that you want to link on TikTok.

In our case, we will take the second Instagram account as an example.

So when you open your second account, tap on the three lines at the top right of the screen.

Then tap on “Settings” in the new popup.

2.Add a new password

Change your second Instagram account password

On the Settings page, go tap on the “Security” option.

Then on the new page tap on “Password”.

A new page will show up, with 3 empty boxes that you can fill.

You need to enter your old password in the first box.

Then the new password is in the two next boxes.

When you are ready tap on “Save” to apply changes.

3.Sign in with the second Instagram password on TikTok

Link your Instagram account to TikTok

Now that you’ve changed the password, you need to log out from all your Instagram accounts.

Then log in again with the new password that you’ve created recently.

By doing so, you’ll remove the single login feature forever, and you can link your Instagram account to your TikTok profile.

Go to your TikTok profile, then tap on the “Edit” profile.

A new page will show up, which is your profile page settings.

On the profile page, tap on the “Instagram” option, which is at the bottom of the page.

Then the Instagram login page will appear.

Therefore, you’ll be able to log in to your second Instagram account and link it to your new TikTok.

Yes – you can link your Instagram account to TikTok safely because when you’re on the login page to add your Instagram account, you’ll be using the original page. The two apps are both related to the same industry which is social media.

So both apps are well known and there is no issue with linking your Instagram account to TikTok.

You can simply tap your email and password on the first page, then tap on the “Login” button to start using Instagram on your TikTok app by linking it.


TikTok’s features are always solving your issues, especially when it comes to linking your Instagram to your TikTok account.

This task will sometimes cause an issue for users who already had multiple Instagram accounts and are trying to separate them for the TikTok login.

So you won’t be able to link your TikTok account to Instagram if you have a problem with getting multiple accounts.

Today you’ve learned why you can’t link your TikTok to Instagram and how to relink it.

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