How To Zoom In on Capcut

A photographer zooming in on a hamster to take a photo

Are you editing a video for TikTok or any other social media platform, and do you want to know how to zoom in on CapCut?

One of the most in-demand features in the videography industry is the zoom effect.

There are different types of zoom on the CapCut app whether smooth, flashy, or 3d zoom, and more.

The easiest way to zoom in on CapCut is by using the keyframe at the beginning and the end of the desired scene to apply the zoom effect. 

Now if you want to use the flashy and 3d zoom effects, there is a similar method you can follow to do so.

There is only a slight difference between the normal smooth zoom and the 3d zoom.

Today, I will teach you how to zoom in on CapCut.

How To Zoom In on Capcut

To zoom in on CapCut, you need to add the first keyframe at the beginning of the desired scene and another keyframe at the end of the scene to apply the zoom.

Then you need to zoom in on the video at the moment where you want to add the second keyframe (When the zoom-in of the scene ends).

After you zoom in on the video, the second keyframe will be added automatically.

Therefore, you can preview the video and publish it on your TikTok.

You can always get trending templates on CapCut for your videos.

1.Add your video on CapCut

Add the video on CapCut

Start by opening the CapCut app.

Then tap on the “+” new project button.

A new page will show up which is your phone’s gallery page.

So select the video that you want to zoom in on CapCut by tapping on it.

Then tap on the “Add” button.

2.Add the Keyframes

Add the first keyframe to zoom in on CapCut

Now that you’ve opened CapCut and added your video, you need to add keyframes.

Keyframes let you add any effect on a selected part of the video.

So to add keyframes, you need to tap first on the video timeline.

Then drag the video to the moment of the scene where you want to start the zoom.

Now you’ll see the keyframe “Kite shaped” icon, with a “+” near it.

So tap on the icon at the beginning of the scene to add the first keyframe.

3.Zoom In the CapCut video

End the zoom scene with the second keyframe

After adding the first keyframe at the beginning of the scene, you need to add the second one.

To do so, drag the video timeline to the end of the scene. 

Then touch the video frame part on CapCut with your two fingers, and zoom in the video to adjust it as you wish.

Note that you can not just zoom the video, you can also rotate it and move it up or down.

So if you want to zoom on something, an object, or someone’s face on CapCut, you can do it easily.

It’s the same thing as when you’re zooming in on a photo to check unrecognizable details in it.

After adjusting the zoom, the second keyframe will be added automatically to the end of the scene.

4.Apply the zoom & share the video

Check the final result of the zoom in effect on the CapCut app
The final results of the Zoom in effect on CapCut

When adding the second keyframe, the zoom effect will apply automatically.

After playing the video, the zoom will start on the first keyframe that you’ve added and ends at the second one.

Now, you can preview the part where you’ve added the scene by playing the video.

Then you’ll be able to share the video on TikTok after doing the zoom in on CapCut.

However, you can also apply a slow mo effect on CapCut to add more fun to your video.

How To Do Capcut 3D Effect

To do the 3d zoom effect on CapCut, you need to reach the style tab after adding the photos.

Then tap on the “3D Zoom Pro” effect to apply the zoom.

However, this effect is only applicable to photos and not videos.

Here’s how to do the 3d effect on CapCut:

1.Add your photo on CapCut

Add the photos to the CapCut app

First, add your photos on CapCut that you want to zoom in on using the 3d effect.

Then you need to tap on the photo timeline.

When you tap on the timeline, you’ll see a menu below the timeline with a lot of options.

2.Tap on the “Style” option

Tap on the Style tab to find the effects

After seeing the menu at the bottom of the CapCut app, you’ll need to swipe the menu to the right or left to find the style option.

When you find the style option, tap on it.

Then another menu will show up, which is the effects menu.

3.Apply the 3d zoom effect on CapCut

Tap on the 3D Zoom Pro effect to use the 3d zoom in effect on CapCut

Now that you’ve opened the effects menu, search for the “3D Zoom Pro” effect.

When you find the effect tap on it.

But remember that you need to apply the effect on each photo you go through.

Otherwise, you’ll end up adding the effect only on one photo.

So when you tap on the effect, wait for some time, and it will be applied to your photo.

Now repeat the same thing with the other photos.

4.Share your video to TikTok

Share the video on TikTok or other social media platforms
The final results of the 3D Zoom Pro effect on CapCut

After finishing your edits, you can preview the video, then tap on the “Export” icon.

Then CapCut will automatically generate a new copy of the video to be shared.

Finally, share the video on TikTok by tapping on the “Share” button.

Where Is 3D Zoom In Capcut?

The 3d zoom is on the “Style” tab in CapCut, and it’s named “3D Zoom Pro”.

It allows you to do a 3d smooth zoom to any photo you have.

Unlike the old manual version which was taking too long to apply, the 3D Zoom Pro on CapCut makes the zoom with only one tap.

So after adding the zoom effect on one photo, you need to apply it to the other photos each one individually.


CapCut is one of the best one-stop video editing app for all your social media videos.

If you want people to be surprised with your content, and want to have a distinct presence in the social media world, you need to try the CapCut app, especially the Zoom effect.

So to do the zoom effect, you need to add keyframes at the beginning and the end of the scene to be able to apply the zoom.

On the other hand, if you want to do the 3d zoom effect, it’s only done with one tap on the “Style” option in CapCut.

Today you’ve learned how to zoom in on CapCut.

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